About Us


About Us

The music is always top-notch at our new California HQ, but what really flops our mop is the experience you have while working with us. We hold ourselves and our composers to a higher standard of service and excellence that we call the Four C’s. Here’s what you can expect from us:


Our sweet spot is creating original music. We’re the best at it, we’ve had great success doing it, and most importantly, it’s the passion of every person on our team. Jim Collins, author of Good To Great, calls this magical intersection a company’s “Hedgehog Concept.” At Rock Salt, we call it “Working Wellness.”


Rock Salt is a relationship-focused, music creation company that thrives on the collaborative nature of each individual project. Instead of taking an armchair, “one-composer-fits-all” approach, we get most excited about actually assembling the most appropriate and skilled team for each job…each and every time.


Rock Salt’s project management team creates a concierge-style experience for the agency and/or client. Not only is someone always available 24/7, but we’re passionate about driving authentic relationship with our client - one that gives you peace of mind that you’re working with a stellar team that’s not only reliable, but trustworthy.


When you’re as passionate about music as we are, you’re constantly dialed-in to the most current trends in the industry; that translates directly to the styles of music we’re able to provide, whether it’s electro-classical, brat pop, or tropical trap.