Thanks for your interest in writing for Rock Salt Music!

Before we get started, there are a few things we'd like you to know:


  • The net licensing money received by RSM is split 50/50 with the composer.
  • When/if a piece of music is licensed, RSM will then become co-publisher of that piece of music. 
  • The writer share is always maintained 100% by the composer/writer.
  • Writer will continue to retain 100% of both publisher and writer share of unlicensed music.
  • Your deal with RSM will not prohibit you from doing anything else with your music unless the track is placed.
  • RSM will never give your music away for free! No "gratis" deals will be made.
  • All writers receive the same deal and sign the same standard agreement. No exceptions will be made. Sorry, the agreement will not be modified.

RSM Policies & preferences (HELP US HELP YOU HELP US)

  • We know you're on a roll, but please adhere to the creative brief/directions provided by RSM.
  • We'll ask for your best 1-2 options; please don't send us more than that!
  • Due to limited time and the fast-paced nature of these projects, PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR FEEDBACK OR IF THERE IS INTEREST IN YOUR TRACK. When/if there is interest, believe us, you'll be the next to know and we'll provide next steps.
  • Metadata must be included on each track submitted, or it will not be considered (instructions will be provided).
  • Submit only .mp3 files until higher resolution files are requested. 
  • Only send download or Dropbox links. DO NOT INCLUDE ACTUAL MUSIC FILES IN EMAILS.
  • You will have to provide full and instrumental versions of tracks.
  • If the client expresses interest in your track, you must be willing to provide a reasonable amount of revisions.
  • If your track is selected, we'll need .wav stems of the mixed track. 
  • You must have the legal authority to grant us permission to pitch your track(s) (i.e. there is no conflicting third-party interest from other publishers, admins, writers, etc.).
  • No illegal samples or unauthorized copyrighted material will be included in any track submitted (if it is, you will be responsible for all legal fees and will hold RSM harmless).


Note: This is NOT a contract! This just gets you into our network while making you aware of the way it all goes down at RSM. Once you've signed-up (on the next page), we'll send over a term sheet for your review and signature so that you can begin receiving opportunities that match your musical proficiencies. Voila!