I had a chicken sandwich this week at lunch. Word on the street, or rather on Yelp, was that it was incredible but very spicy and to BEWARE. I love me a chick sando so of course I wanted this one. "World Famous", the sign said. However, being a bit on the nervous side, I naturally asked the waiter how spicy the sandwich actually was. He rolled his eyes and said, “It’s spicy.” to which I replied, “Can I get it mild, the spice level of a coward?”

A mere 8 minutes later the waiter drops off the noteworthy sandwich with a, “Here’s your MILD chicken sandwich” He defintely stressed M-I-L-D and said it loud enough for the neighboring table to hear. 

Unaffected outwardly, but inwardly embarrassed by my lack of adventure, I launch into the sandwich. This is a great sandwich. Period. The people of Yelp didn’t lie….but the first thing I thought was, "I shoulda got it spicy." It needed the spice. (damn)

The point is sometimes, you gotta just trust the chef and get it SPICY, people. 

The chef could be the universe and the spice could be an opportunity presenting itself or it could just be a fried piece of meat made by a heavy-set Hawaiian guy named Noah. Whatever, that’s irrelevant. Let’s all kick it up a notch this month and GET. IT. SPICY. 

This concludes Devin's Corner.