Since Mother’s Day is so soon...

So, my mother calls yesterday.

I’ve reached an age that when my mother calls I always answer, cause, well you never know. Could be someone's sick, could be something went terribly wrong with my taxes (yes, my mom does my taxes because I’m a single male 40-something), could be ANYTHING.

Anyhoo, I ask what’s wrong and she immediately launches into a "Your-father-and-I-are-watching-Jeopardy" story.

Knowing full well that I won’t get the next 5-10 minutes of my life back I settle into this oft-repeated parental moment. 

Mom: "Your father and I are watching "Jeopardy" (ugh) and this guy keeps winning the last couple of nights and Alec (it’s Alex, mom) asks him what he does for a living and he keeps saying he’s in the music business in LA, so tonight Alec (it’s Alex, mom) asks what he does in music he says 'I put music into commercials,' and I was thinking you should call him up cause you do that too! His name is Buzzy. He said the last song he put into a commercial went 'triple platinum', so I said to your father, 'Devin should call him up since he’s so close to LA. They could meet!'" 

Dad (yelling in the background): "Should I rewind it and record it for him?" 

Mom: "I’m talking to your son about it right now!"

Dad (yelling in the background): "Tell him his name is Buzzy!"

Of course at the end of the rant I agree to contact Buzzy (how would I even do this? Call "Jeopardy"? Text Trebek?), I agree that this is a brilliant idea and that Buzzy and I are destined to do magnificent things together.  

Then a little guilt about Mother's Day, and then something about my brother, then a final "Call Buzzy.” Silence. Sigh. On with the day.

Will Smith was dead wrong about so many things: "Wild Wild West" (song and movie); "The Legend of Bagger Vance"; "Hitch"; "MIB" (song); "MIB 2" (song: "Black Suits Comin (Nod Ya Head)"); "MIB 3"; "After Earth"; and the inevitable "Bad Boys 3" - but gosh darnit he nailed it when he put to wax the sentiment that, "Parents Just Don’t Understand".

Twenty years later, they still don't. 

This concludes Devin's Corner.