So I was scrolling through my cellular phone, which as many of you know doubles as a "cam-er-a" and I noticed I had mainly two types of photo memories stored. Either:

1. Shots like this:

Or, 2. Shots of sugar stuff: 

There’s a few of many.

This means a couple of things: A) I don’t understand how really use my phone properly, still after nearly a decade of messing with these "Steve Job-ominations,” and  B) I may be approaching adult onset diabetes.

Both are a wee bit disturbing. 

Luckily my brother bought me these hideous running shoes so I can start jogging, but only like at 4 AM so as not to embarrass myself. 

He purchased these eye sores as my gift for Christmas last year  - I asked him for a “cool” pair of sneakers - he picked these out. I think he may not like me. It’s my only guess. 

I got him a subscription to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams - that’s 4 quarts of gourmet flavored ice cream delivered to your house once a quarter for a year. "It is so choice, if you have the means...etc."

However as  I write this I sense a “sucrotic" through line emerging….hmmmmmmm.

This concludes Devin's Corner.