In what quasi-unhinged-Gary-Busey-level-Serling-equse-bat-s@#%-crazy-alternate reality would this product be flying off the shelves? 

Like... "I HAVE to listen to my “lifestyle” bands and I HAVE to wear my grey beanie. Can’t use ear buds - they're dumb, can’t use Beats by Dre - they ruin the sleek style of my skullcap."

"WHAT DO I DO???" ... (whispering) "what do i do." 

Calm down. 

There’s a real solution that brings it all together for the first time...for the last time. 

Tenergry Bluetooth Beanie

Let me say it again, in case you didn’t hear me: 

 TENERGY BLUETOOTH BEANIE. "Built in wireless headphones for music and calls."

And calls?! - Can you imagine kicking it like Kelso talking to your agent about being a BIG DEAL... into your hat?

Kutcher .jpg

(Aside: Strong move with that headpiece, K-man.) 

Further more can someone sane tell we what’s happening in the picture from the box?

Am I to believe that these two stern sulky teens are outside listening to Pop-Punk-Metal-Core in the gathering storm, or is the inherent darkness of the “music" calling the ominous clouds to converge above them?

Also, what’s up with the youth models: Jessica Lange’s terrifyingly angular chin and the dusty son of Dave Navarro’s goatee? Looks like 1993 barfed all over this pic. 

(I bought both colors - just FYI, cause…you never know)

This concludes Devin's Corner.